PsychicWiki is currently in need of more admins. If you have proven yourself to be a valuable member of the community, and you think you're capable of doing the job, this is where to apply. Minimum requirements are:

  • Average or higher wiki editing knowledge.
    • This means you have to have contributed regularly to some wiki (not neccesarily this one).
  • Having started to contribute on PsychicWiki (edits in the content namespace are not taken too seriously).
  • Understandable, (almost 100%) correct English all the time.
    • If u talk liek this, ur not rdy 2 bcome admin
  • Being psychic is nice, since you'll be editing and making decisions based on psychics.

What you will do as an admin Edit

  • Revert vandalism, warn and/or block vandals.
  • Move pages to correct pagenames, delete unneccesary redirects.
  • Have a strong voice when decisions has to be taken.
    • This is a "young" wiki with few established rules.
  • Have the final say in most arguments (unless one of your equals or superiors disagree).

More info and a list of current admins can be found at Psychic Wiki:Administrators

Closed Requests Edit


Open Requests Edit


Okay, I would like to requests adminship for several reasons, the first being that I understand a fair amount about Wikia and how it works. My grammar is almost, if not perfect - I hardly ever make a mistake and when I do, I normally come back for it later on. Although I am not psychic I feel that I can still be helpful by solving broken links and correcting spelling mistakes. Plus I too own a wikia and understand how difficult somr psrts of being an owner are. If given this position I shall only use my abilities for good to help this Wikia become succesful.

DavidJohnson123 09:22, 5 January 2009 (UTC)DavidJohnson123

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