My mother, Jennifer, has a brother. These two things are very important for this story. When she was 20, she had a nightmare about her brother being sad. She then had the urge to phone him. So, my mom did. Kenny, her brothers name, was very sad because he just had a divorce. This could be astral projection. 4 years ago, at the store my mom had an even stronger urge to call Kenny. He didn't even say hi when he picked up the phone. He was just there, crying. When my mom asked what was wrong, he said that their father had died. This could be clairvoyance or telepathy. This story was told to me by my mother herself. She claims it is 100% true. I realized this was a psychic experience when I watched Tats Top something or whatever's top 30 on psychic abilities. I don't know how I found the vid, but it made me realize that this incident was psychic.